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Guys and Dolls 2004Sounds from DMTC Productions

These are brief snippets in MP3 format of some of the singers who have performed with DMTC over the years.


  • "Together At Last." John Chitambar ("Warbucks") and Justine Berger ("Annie"), April-May, 1999.


Bye Bye Birdie

  • "Talk To Me." J. Scott Browning ("Albert"), June-July, 1999.

The Fantasticks

  • "Just Once." Briagha Stevens ("Luisa"), Sept.-Oct., 1998.

42nd Street

Guys and Dolls

  • "I'll Know." Wendy Young ("Sarah"), March, 1998.

Hello Dolly!

The Man of La Mancha

Once Upon a Mattress

The Secret Garden

The Sound of Music

Sweeney Todd

  • "Pretty Women." Patrick Stratton ("Todd") and Richard Spierto ("Judge Turpin"). June-July, 2002.

West Side Story

  • "Maria." Jeremiah Lowder ("Tony"), Apr.-May, 2001.

The Wizard of Oz