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Cast List for FOLLIES


Thank you to all who auditioned!  First Rehearsal for the whole cast will be Sunday, Nov 25 @ 7:30pm in the theater. If you have any questions, please email the director Steve Isaacson. Please bring $5 for the music/script. Dress to move after meeting we will be doing choreography with Jake. We are still looking for people to fill small parts and roles, if you know of anyone, please contact me ASAP!


Role Name
Ben Stone John Haine
Buddy Plummer Rand Martin
Sally Durant Plummer Lenore Sebastian
Phyllis Stone Allison Lizzi
Young Ben Davis "Turtle" Akona
Young Buddy Tomas Ereida
Young Sally Caitland Martin
Young Phyllis Michele Guerrieri
Carlotta Champion Mary Young
Hattie Walker Jan Isaacson
Stella Deems Christine Deamer
Roscoe Whittman Adam Sartain
Heidi (One More Kiss number) Marguerite Morris
Emily Whittman (Rain on the Roof number) Monica Parisi
Dmitri Weissmann Gil Sebastian
Solange ("Ah Paris number) Chris Cay Stewart
Young Heidi (One More Kiss number) Christina Gross
Vincent open
Vanessa (Bolaro number) Barbara Ann Cecchetti
Showgirls/Ghosts Andrea Hubbard, Christina Gross, (need 3 more)
Kevin the Waiter Shane Osterhaudt
2 Men dancers open