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Cast List

First meet and greet and read-through rehearsal, will be Monday, Sept 20, 2010 at 7:30pm  at the Theater. Scripts and music will be given out, please bring $5 for the script and music, which will be yours to keep. Thank you to all who auditioned, if you have any questions, please email. Please bring a recording device (tape recorder or digital recorder) to all rehearsals. All other roles will be given out at the first read through.

Role Name
Annie Mariah Maldonado
Miss Hannigan Monica Parisi
Warbucks Michael Cross
Rooster Jason Markel
Lily Brittany Bickel
Grace Christina Rae
Pepper Natalie Mo
July Devon Hayakawa
Molly Megan Spangler
Duffy Emma Kehr
Tessie Lizzie Carey
Kate Claire Deamer
FDR Michael Manley
Star-to- Be Eimi Taormina
Drake Michael Ball
Ickes Mary Young
Perkins Jan Isaacson
Morganthau Dannette Vassar
Howe Christine Deamer
Holm Karen Mo
Officer Ward Mike Ball
Gert Healy Eimi Taormina
Boylan Sisters Karen Mo, Katie Meagher, Anika Niva
Jimmy Johnson Stacy Sheehan
Sound Effect Jan Isaacson
Fredia McCracken and Wacky Dannette Vassar
Bundles Michael Manley
Dog Catcher Matt Smiley, Katie Meagher
Apple Seller Kendyl Ito
Cecil Katie Meagher
Annette Anika Niva
Mrs. Greer Mary Young
Mrs. Pugh Christine Deamer
Judge Brandeis Eimi Taormina
Ensemble Mary Young, Jan Isaacson, Kendyl Ito, Christine Deamer, Stacy Sheehan, Anika Niva, Katie Meagher, Karne Mo, Dannette Vassar, Matt Smiley, Nancy Kimball, Sarah Green, Kimmie Ruanto, Michael Ball, Eimi Taormina, Michael Manley (act 1 only)